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Held Hostile PUG Rules - MC
« on: November 20, 2019, 08:39:37 pm »
These are the rules applied to our MC PUG Raids, generally the rule is that main specialization has priority over other spezializations.

Players acting poorly will be removed from the raid immediately and/or added to blacklist and will not be invited for future raids. To participate in the raid you have to be present on discord voice channel, we do not require you to speak. This allows us to communicate better.

Loot Rules
Generally loot will be distributed by rolls. The players that want the item performs a /roll, where the highest roller wins. This is, of course, subject to the other rules listed below.

Loot Priority
The base rule is that if you can equip the item you may roll. However your "role" and "talent specialization" (as agreed when you sign for the raid) can give you higher or lower priority on certain items ahead of other players that does not have the same role or talent specialization. There is no complete list of all items and their role/spec priority (subject to change), if there is a disagreement we generally respect the sensus of the raid. Some items can be found below however.

Example 1 - Rogues:
Rogues are considered to have one role (melee DPS) but two distinct specializations. "Sword specialization" and "Dagger specialization". A rogue with dagger specialization will have a lower priority (Off spec) for swords and rogues with swords will have lower priority (Off spec) on daggers.

Example 2 - Band of Accuria:
The Band of Accuria is a "Best in Slot" item for several roles and classes. We have chosen to give priority to: DPS Warriors, Rogues (Sword/Dagger), Hunters.
This is also a "Best in Slot" threat maximizing item for tanks, but we have choosen to not give tanks priority on this item.

Example 3 - Aurastone Hammer and Azuresong Mageblade:
For Aurastone Hammer, priority is given to Holy Paladins and Resto Druids. Priests are excluded due to the availability of other itemization options. The Azuresong Mageblade is reserved for caster DPS, i.e. Mages and Warlocks. Paladins are restricted due to the fact that the Aurastone Hammer (which they have priority on) is almost exactly as good.

Example 4 - Eye of Divinity, Ancient Petrified Leaf:
Any player of the right class can roll on these, "Roll Penalty" does not apply on the roll, BUT if you win the item you will incur a roll penalty for subsequent rolls.

Roll Penalty
Players having priority on a specific item, a.k.a. MS or Main Specialization pay for this "privilige" by incurring a penalty for each item they reveive that will lower the probability of then taking an additional item. This happens in the form of a "Roll Penalty, a subtraction of 20 from their next roll, see example below. Players without priority on a specific item, a.k.a. OS or "Off Specialization", will only be allowed to roll on an item if no Main Specialisation (MS) wants the item. Taking an item as "OS" will not give you a "Roll Penalty".

You have won 2 MS items already and roll for a 3rd MS item. You roll a perfect 100, which means your score will be calculated as 100 - 2x 20 = 60. If another player that did not yet take an item happens to roll 61, he will win the item, not you.

You have won 1 MS item and 1 OS item already and roll for another MS item. You roll a perfect 100, which means your score will be calculated as 100 - 20 = 80. If another player that did not yet take an item happens to roll 81, he will win the item, not you.

Legendaries should be considered reserved by the organisers of the raid and will be distributed by raid leaders as they see fit. As a non-Held-Hostile-member you are unlikely to qualify for a legendary item.               

Sulfuron Ingot
Special rules apply to the Sulfuron Ingot. If you can show the raid leaders that you have the "Eye of Sulfuras" you will be given the ingot (or roll if several players have it). If no player in the raid has the Eye of Sulfuras, it will be kept by the guild bank.

"Bind on Equip" epics
Normally BoE epics are handled like any other epic. However, if nobody wants a BoE item, it will be sent to the Held Hostile guild bank.

People who can learn a receipe, i.e. right profession, high enough skill) can roll. A recipe will not cause a Roll Penalty and Roll Penalties does not apply to a recipe roll. YOU WILL BE REQUIRED TO LEARN THAT RECIPE IF YOU WIN!
If a Majority of the raid members are from Held Hostile, specific recipes can be reserved by the guild."

Resistance gear
Non-set items with resistance on them, such as "Flamewalker Legplates" or "Crimson Shocker", may be handed out by the raid leaders to choosen players that need high resistance on certain fights (e.g. Ragnaros) "free of charge" if nobody wants the item on MS.
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