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These are our Guidelines
« on: March 21, 2015, 06:08:32 pm »
By applying to join us you accept the following without reservation.

Joining a guild means accepting the other guild members as friends. You don't have to love all of them, but you need to treat them with dignity and respect as you would an "real life" friend. If you feel that a guild member treats you disrespectfully try to talk about it or ask the GM or an Officer to talk it over with you and the other player.

This is a game and we are here to have fun, arguing and screaming at each other is not fun. Adults solve troubles by talking with each other quietly and privately. If they can't solve their differences they ask another adult for help. We are not kids in the sandbox.

When interacting with players outside the guild continue to behave responsibly and politely. Most other players are also here to have fun, but there are a few other players that take advantage of others and misbehave. If you have the bad luck to be in a random party/raid with one of those do the best of the situation. That means you accept what happens without screaming or leaving, for the sake of the rest of the party/raid. Then warn the guild about that person so that no one groups with him in the future. Remember that when you wear the HH tag you represent all of us. We are not whiners or leavers.

Below are actual rules derived from the guidelines, if you break them you will be punished in one of the following ways:

You will be told to abide by the rules, this is a warning.

You will be demoted to a rank that can not write in the guild chat to shut you up. This happens if you have been warned but continues to spam or argue.

Kicked from the raid:
You will be removed from this raid and you don't get any further DKP for that run. You will have been warned before this happens. 

Kicked from the guild:
You will be kicked, this is a permanent solution, no turning back.
The GM will have spoken to you at length before doing this.

The first 2 can be handed out by any 2 officers working together.
The first 3 punishments can be dealt by the Raid Officer.
All four can be dealt by the GM.

Regarding raids: 
Don't spam in any channel, that includes emotes and the general channel. You might get Warned/Silenced/Kicked from the raid.

If the raid leader tells you to do something, do it! Save the arguing for later, the raid is neither the time nor place to have an argument. Take it up with the raid leader or you favourite officer after the raid. You might get Warned/Silenced/Kicked from the raid. You may of course offer suggestions on tactics also during raids, unless told otherwise by the raid leader.

You need to have a working, updated version of <insert current top tier raid addon: e.g. DBM> to be part of guild raids. If you do not have that you might be replaced by someone that has it if the Raid Leader deems it fit to do so.

If you feel that someone is not playing the way he should be playing notify an officer and supply feedback on how the player could improve his/her gameplay. Do not flame him/her in the guild/raid/public chats. You might get Warned/Silenced/Kicked from the raid. Obviously, you may whisper your raid-mates with good advice and constructive criticism in whispers, politely!

Be extra tolerant and polite to others in raids since everyone is on edge.

Regarding loot:
Know how the DKP-system works, you can find all the information on the forum. Terms like "upgrades" and "within 15% of top DKP" is something everyone should be familiar with. If you don't understand, read the forums or ask the DKP officer to explain. Do this BEFORE the raid.

If you disagree with how the loot was distributed talk to any officer or the DKP officer specifically, AFTER the raid.

Regarding inactivity:
If you are going away, make a post in the forums under "Vacations", if you are offline for more than 31 days without letting us know you will be removed from the guild.

Regarding alts
We want you to have your characters in Held Hostile and expect you to play your main character in our raids as your highest priority.
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