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Recruitment / Re: To all Applicants - Important
« Last post by DeAurion on March 21, 2015, 05:58:35 pm »
Welcome to the HeldHostile forums!
If you are seeking to join us please go through this checklist before applying.

  1   The character I am applying with is at least level 110.
  2   The character has a viable level 110 PVE gear.
  3   I have a headset with a microphone and I am willing to use Teamspeak3
  4   I am usually free to play 18:30 - 22:00 on Thursdays.
  5   I am usually free to play 18:00 - 00:00 on Saturdays.
  6   I have no problem grinding the materials for consumables I need on raids.
  7   I have plenty of gold to spend on repairs when the guild is progressing through new contents.
  8   I am willing to maintain the PVE spec the raid leader asks of me.

To save time make sure all the above is true for you and your character before you apply, failing one of the above disqualifies you.

Write a personal application
We want to know as much about our recruits as possible before making a decision, a player with better gear we know little about is likely to be refused for a player with worse gear that we know more about.

Among the things we want to know are:
  Do you pass the checklist?
  Your real life name, age and gender.
  Your country and native language.
  Your civil status.
  Your interests.
  Your occupation.
  Your exact current spec.
  Your resistance gear, nicely listed.
  Your PVE DPS/Healing/tank gear, nicely listed.
  A link to your profile/armory.   
  Any rare resources, recipes or plans your character possesses.
  Any friends in HH that could vouch for you.
  Previous guilds and reason for leaving and the ingame name of their GM.
  Additional things and merits you think we should know about.

Try to make your application personal and complete. Sloppy looking or incomplete applications will not be read by the Recruitment Officer.

What happens next?
When we have evaluated your application you will be notified by a message ingame or a post here on the forums. After that you will be interviewed by the Recruitment Officer (usually on more than one occation) about several diffrent topics. If everything works out you will be admitted to the guild as a tryout for a period of 2 to 4 weeks (depending on your activity), after which you will be evaluated and hopefully asked to stay as a permanent member. During the tryout period you will be expected to be an active player and participate in most of the guild raids, the DKP you earn during this time will be given to you when you are accepted as a permanent member, you will not be able to buy any DKP-items during your tryout (unless otherwise communicated by the Raid Leader).

Create a new thread here with your application and send any questions to DeAurion in a PM.

Best of luck,
Recruitments Officer of HeldHostile
Recruitment / To all Applicants - Important
« Last post by DeAurion on March 21, 2015, 05:51:04 pm »
Welcome to the recruitment pages of Held Hostile. As happy as we are that you have chosen to apply to our humble guild, we are also sorry to notify you that unless your class is on the "needed classes list", you may be in for a long wait getting a formal yes/no, since all the officers of the guild also have other engagements.

While being a friendly guild Held Hostile is not a perpetual charity event. Your usefulness to us largely dictates if you may join us or not. However, having gear is no guarantee, we have several times chosen candidates with less gear but better attitude over players with good gear and a bad attitude. Spend a lot of effort on your application, use your best English and let your personality shine through, your application is the face we see when we decide if you should be contacted or not. Incomplete applications will not be answered, be sure to address all questions in this topic.

Best of luck!

Recruitment Officer
Held Hostile
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